Innovative Cosplay


誠摯的邀請家長帶著小朋友一同參予「MY SUPER HERO」COS創意變裝大賽,發揮超級變變變的鬼腦袋,打扮成英雄伸展臺上最吸引眼球、抹殺相機容量的超級英雄!不要猶豫,接下英雄召集令,裝扮成屬於自己的SUPER HERO!

報名期間:111年7月19日10:00起 (額滿為止)
報名限額:30組(截至8/22 18:00已有25組完成報名)
大賽日期:8/27(六) 16:00開始。


Headline! Headline! Bravo gets ready to have fun with his brave friends.

Welcome children and families to join the most innovative competition “MY SUPER HERO” Here you can dress up like a super hero who owns brilliantly imaginative mind and most charming cosplay.

No doubt! Just take Bravo’s invitation and put on your own style on the runway show “MY SUPER HERO”.

Online registration began at 10 am Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Watchout! This event is limited to a maximum of 30 groups.We already have 25 groups until 6 p.m., August 22.

Contest date : 4 pm Saturday, August 27, 2022

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The organizer reserves the right to modify and terminate this event at any time. Any modification or detailed instructions will be posted on this website without prior notification.